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Historical Project

3 Million Page is the world's LARGEST pixel advertising portal. It's a historical project, and therefore it draws attention. Feel free to piggyback it!


The Most Practical Product & Service Finder

3 Million Page is the place to start your search for products & services. We've collected the world's largest and most informative websites where you can find virtually anything. See the Product/Service Finder above, or browse our Classifeds section.


Excellent Advertising Opportunity

We offer 3 advertising options on this site:
1. Pixel advertising, $29.95 per block; advertising time: permanent (1 year guaranteed);
2. Classifieds section advertising, $29.95/year;
3. Contributing Partners advertising: add a permanent link and decide on the price yourself (prices start from as low as $1!)


Advertise Where People Come!

Post your banner or link, and get noticed! 



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