About This Site

Here's What 3 Million Page Is:

A crazy Web art project
Where Web users' preferences turn into 12 unpredictable mosaics.

An opportunity to express yourself
Tell the World what is important to you!

An excellent advertisign option
You can have a permanent banner for a very moderate price, or for free. Think about it!

A portrait of the Web, created by Internet users
Everyone can participate! Add your mosaic piece: post something interesting!

A time capsule
After all the Pixel Panels are filled, we'll keep $3 Million Page online for as long as possible. 


3 Million people:
this was the number of Internet users in 1990. Today, in 2017, there are over 3.77 Billion of us.
What do we like? What do we want? What do we, as Internet users, consider important? These are the questions this site tries to answer.

On our website, we're creating 12 Mosaics; each of them is filled by Internet users and reflects their preferences.
This is a 12-piece portriat of the Web. And we do it together with you: everyone can participate! 

Leave your footprint in Internet history: post a mini-banner and link it to a web page, a picture, video, or a social media profile.

Act now: the space is limited! ;) 


Add your own mosaic piece, and become a part of Internet History!

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