Pixel Advertising


Advertising Panels
This site contains 10 Million advertising pixels, divided among 10 panels; each panel is divided into blocks, 100 pixels each (10x10 pixels).
Each Advertising Panel is divided into blocks, 10x10 pixels each. The price of your banner will depend on the number of blocks you occupy. 

$30 per block

Minimum Order
1 block (100 pixels, $30)

Advertising Period
1 year

Payment Method
PayPal, Credit Card

How to create a Mini-Banner
You can create a Mini-Banner by re-sizing your image with Photoshop or other picture editing software.
Or, you can use picture re-sizing services, like this one: ResizeYourimage.
Or, you can use our pre-made mini-banners.

Permitted content
Your link can lead to a Web page, a profile/page/grop in social media, an event, an article, a video, a picture. For more info, please refer to the Terms & Conditions section.


Pixel Advertising Account