Affordable Mosaics

Adding a mini-banner to Frontpage Mosaic and Mosaics 1-10 is not free, but it's totally affordable. 

Each panel is divided into blocks, 100 pixels each (10x10 pixels). These mosaics have 4 times larger blocks (100 pixels) than the Free Mosaic (25 pixels). The price of your banner will depend on the number of blocks you occupy. 

Frontpage mosaic: $100 per block
Mosaics 1-10: $30 per block

Minimum Order
1 block

Activation Time
24 hours

Display Period

Payment Method
PayPal, Credit/Debit Card

How to create a Mini-Banner
You can create a Mini-Banner by re-sizing your image with Photoshop or other picture editing software.
Or, you can use picture re-sizing services, like this one: ResizeYourimage.
Or, you can use 3 Million Page's pre-made mini-banners.

Permitted content
Your link can lead to a Web page, a profile/page/grop in social media, an event, an article, a video, a picture. For more info, please refer to the Terms & Conditions section.


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